Fixed Blog Comments Settings

Have fixed the comments settings to allow anonymous comments (thanks Warwick) – all right, I admit it, I didn’t know how to do that…. I love learning to do these things on an as-needs basis 😉 I wonder if there’s anything else I should do… hmmm… (other than get on with my day… it’s almost 7am!).

3 thoughts on “Fixed Blog Comments Settings

  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of blog Jo. I posted a welcome note yesterday as it wasn’t possible to comment here;

    So, the opposition are watching 😉 and my lovely lady wife says hello and when is your next play date?

  2. How about trackbacks. I’m not sure if blogspot has trackback support or if you are aware of what trackbacks are. Trackbacks will all me to make comments on my blog about items that you post and they will also appear as comments on your blog. I think you might have to install haloscan according to this site

  3. Anonymous


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