So here we are then!

Okay – I’m submitting to the calls of narcissism and writing a blog. For those who are actually interested in the Oracle EBusiness Suite it may prove mildly entertaining, for all normal people I apologise in advance and suggest you set your alarm to wake you in about half an hour.

This week’s grand adventure – had to work out what on earth is in the latest release of Report Manager and get a straight answer on “is this really available or just vapourware”? – the answer, for those who care is…. yes, it’s there, it’s a patch on 11.5.10, prereqs include a patch to the framework so not for the fainthearted but it does deliver actually the long promised Request Centre functionality from desktop ADI in the web-enabled format…. now if they can just get around to doing a GL Budget Upload in Web ADI we can throw the client-server ADI install CDs on a ceremonial bonfire! 🙂

Have a great day!

7 thoughts on “So here we are then!

  1. Nice to have another oracle functional blog around Jo. I’ve posted about your blog here


    Richard Byrom

  2. Oh.. and before I forget… the patch is Oracle Report Manager Mini-pack 11i.FRM.G (3761838).

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  4. Anonymous

    Hi Jo,

    Do you have any operating procedure to get the Report Manager to get web based reports ?

  5. Anonymous

    Do you know that there is a great product available, that negates the need for development of FSG’s – it is called the GL Wand and is great ! To find out more:

  6. Jo

    Nice blog, you would be surprised how many people are interested in this stuff.

    I still miss character mode, I could enter an invoice in AP, approve and pay it in about 30 seconds with my eyes closed. Made for quick testing.


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