Personalisation makes it to the forms-based apps

Okay, so anyone who’s been subjected to my ravings at OAUG conferences knows what a big fan I am of not customising….. hold onto your hats because the personalisation functionality from the self-service web apps has a new cousin in 11.5.10 – personalisation of the forms based screens! Move over folder tools and custom.pll, now we’re really cooking with gas….. Ramakrishna Goud has put together a nice white paper on it. It’s definately not in 11.5.9 – maybe I can find a patch on metalink to back-port it? They’re just making 11.5.10 more and more worth the hassle every day aren’t they… I think it’s a plot 🙂

2 thoughts on “Personalisation makes it to the forms-based apps

  1. For more info on this see Metalink Note 279034.1. There is an APPCORE rollup patch 3358850 for this functionality but it’s not recommended – better off with all of FND.H apparently 🙂 The even better news – you can migrate the personalisations between environments using FNDLOAD – love it!

  2. Ramakrishna Goud

    Thank you for reading my white paper. Hope you got more information of forms personalization.

    Your blogs are good.I was just browsing through blogs and found surprisingly my name 🙂

    Keep doing good work.

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