Is 10.7 Character extinct? Hardly…

With all the talk about R12 and Lifetime support, consultants can be forgiven for thinking that the old character interface is actually extinct… the truth is (for those of you out there still on it) that no, it isn’t. There are actually Oracle E-Business Suite sites still on the 10.7 Character release (despite the fact that it’s desupported) and wondering to themselves where they go from here? Have they totally missed the ship? So for anyone in this position, here’s my two cents worth….

Upgrading to Release 11.5.10 is not impossible…. it’s actually quite straightforward…. the secret (and it’s not much of a secret) is to use a DBA team who’ve done it before… and seriously it’s now 2008, we’ve been upgrading from 10.7 Character to 11i for eight years now, the DBAs are getting pretty good at it 🙂 I’ve always said that an actual upgrade (not a point release, which is a really BIG patch, an actual upgrade which involves laying down a new $APPL_TOP and running AutoUpgrade) is not the time to break in your baby DBA. Trial by Fire may have it’s uses as a training technique (although I’m not a huge fan of that either), but a massive upgrade is not a candidate.

The only thing which can bite you in the backside is going to be those customisations, so it’s time to gather every single piece of documentation you can find with the word ‘Oracle’ in it then see what you’ve got. If we’re lucky we can kill 90% of them while we’re at it (don’t get me wrong – I like developers, I just don’t like massive customisations which bugger up the standard stuff).

So, as usual, I’m still recommending Upgrade over ReImplementation provided you’re basically happy with the Accounting Flexfield structure and calendar. (And seriously – if you want to change your AFF, don’t re-implement, just use Flexfield Express – it’s cheaper and you get to keep your history).

Okay, end of babbling for today… catch you next time..


One thought on “Is 10.7 Character extinct? Hardly…

  1. Jenny Burdett

    Hi Jo,

    we still use the caharacter version of 10.7 and, as an account admin, I hate it. The user profile management is sooooo outdated.

    Plus we are trying to implement password complexity and expiry controls for SOX compliance, which is going to overburden our endusers because they already have a UNIX profile to deal with.

    Is there a way to automate straight-through authentication from the O/S?


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