iExpenses wishlist

Okay, here is my wishlist for today:
– When the CCID generated by the expense claim line is invalid it should do something useful at the time of entry, not wait for the expense claim to be submitted then notify the system administrator;
– The wording of the notifications should be easier to modify 🙂 I hate workflow some days.

and the big one….

– Employees need to be able to pick the travel advance (prepayment) to apply against their expense claim!!!

And yep, I’m implementing iExpenses again. Off to sunny Melbourne next week to talk to someone about… you guessed it…. iExpenses. Plus off down the road to help another client with yet more iExpenses. The best part – all on different patch levels 😉

5 thoughts on “iExpenses wishlist

  1. Hi! I’ m oracle consultant too, and never read a people who i’m so identified…

    Thank you! Have a nice day 🙂

  2. I agree. I think Oracle should add a key flexfield attribute type to Oracle Workflow.

    There are ways to get round it though. You could alter the workflow so that it notifies the submitter, rather than the system administrator if something is wrong. Another alternative would be to develop a new custom self-service web page with all the validation you want for doing the actual accounting and link to this from the notification.

    Changing the wording of a notification seems pretty straight-forward to me, but if you want it to be more easily done, you could perhaps replace the existing message bodies with PL/SQL documents or OAF regions and build these using the message dictionary of Oracle Applications. Oracle did this for some of the workflows in HR.

    Aleksander Dragnes

  3. Anonymous

    We have implemented our own ‘Advance Request’ web application which appears to the user as a tab on iExpenses. This has its own workflow and enables the auto-creation of Prepayment invoices.

    Also, we have enabled Advance matching to iExpenses (along with any returned monies).

    I’d be happy to discuss this with anyone requiring this functionality (

  4. lp

    the online validation in the expense allocation should be able to prevent the invalid CCID?

  5. Absolutely – expense allocations with online validation definately prevents it (unfortunately the client I had this problem on was on 11.5.9 and expense allocations wasn’t available until 11.5.10).
    Thanks for the feedback (nice to see people actually read this?) LOL


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