I think I’m in love with UPK

Yeah, I know – I’ve been lax lately – no posts! So on Thursday of course I spent the day at the Red Rock Leadership Forum and one of my collegues gave a demo of the User Productivity Kit which Peoplesoft had (and has now been ported across to Oracle Apps and JD Edwards too). All I can say is – WOW! Everything I dreamed Tutor would do for my life…. but this actually seems to do it 🙂

Documentation, training and testing – three of my favourite things in the world. And the UPK makes training material (instructor led and online) and gives you those detail level, field-by-field test scripts that everyone seems to be totally keen on printing and storing somewhere (despite my preference for concentrating your efforts on effective scenario-based testing). And more importantly it does it faster than anything else I’ve seen!

Needless to say, our Peoplesoft guys at work got a pretty good laugh at the Oracle Apps consultants over this one – we’re all madly in awe, they’ve been using the thing for years of course! So the UPK developer is now on my laptop and my adventures in the land of UPK begin today (well technically last night, which is when I started downloading it as the zip file is a massive 405309KB according to my computer – it’s still extracting as I type).

So will my love-at-first-sight affair with this software come crashing into an evil wall of reality? Possibly…. I’ll let you know

4 thoughts on “I think I’m in love with UPK

  1. So…where did you find that massive UPK developer file?

  2. Ahh… I work for an Oracle Partner, so I sucked up to our licencing guys and they gave me one of our licences (I downloaded the file from the partner portal thing) 🙂 You’d need to ask your Oracle account manager for evaluation purposes I think? Our licencing dude says he thinks its on Appsnet but I couldn’t see it there…

  3. Correction! It’s not on apps net it’s on http://edelivery.oracle.com/ – Have fun!

  4. Anonymous

    Took the candy quiz to figure out if I would make a good Oracle functional analyst and was not helpful. I have been a business analyst for 3 yrs and trying to figure out if becoming oracle tool specific will help me. I do not like to code a whole lot but like providing project management support. What do you think??

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