Favourite Profile Options – what’s yours?

Okay, first up I have to vote for:

FND Corporate Branding Image – yep, that’s the one that replaces that Oracle logo with yours – nice! Only normally see this one used on the big sites, but what a slick profile option 🙂

Self Service Personal Home Page Mode – prior to 11.5.9 I used to use this to change the front page back to the blue screen so I could launch the forms in one click. Now I just set up a favourite and leave this one alone.

Concurrent:Active Request Limit – isn’t it tempting to set this? I mean, really…. I’m always tempted but never done it to anyone other than myself LOL
Concurrent: Hold Requests – yeah, this too… see above 😉

Concurrent:Report Access Level – if you’re the system administrator or support look up this profile option, everyone else don’t worry about it – you don’t need to know.

Flexfields: AutoSkip – means when you are in a pop-up flexfield and you’ve finished typing the two digits in segment 1 for example the cursor will automatically go to the next segment without you pressing TAB.

Flexfields:Open Descr Window and it’s brother Flexfields:Open Key Window – controls whether the flexfield automatically pops the window open when your cursor goes into the field. Annoying if you want to enter concatenated values.

Utilities: Diagnostics – set this to Yes for the user to use the Diagnostic tools without having the APPS password. Useful for support staff and consultants 🙂

and of course everybody’s favourite:

Java Color Scheme – the one that lets you change the colour of your screen – I make production red whenever I have access just so my subconcious knows I don’t belong in there. It’s hideous but it works. 🙂

Over to you guys – got a favourite?


3 thoughts on “Favourite Profile Options – what’s yours?

  1. My favorite must be ‘Viewer: Text’; You can use it to change the format of request outputs to ‘Browser’.

  2. Karthik

    What is the format for the value of the profile option ‘Corporate Branding Image’ you have mentioned. Is it a directory?

  3. Your blog is really nice, I really like it. I always use the Java Color Scheme, as a ATG all the users request to chance the color hehehe.

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