Eternal Mysteries of iProcurement

Okay – I confess – I forgot to update this blog thingie … again…. 🙂

My latest craze – iProcurement on 11.5.10, haven’t done this one since 11.5.8 so it’s a bit sexier and yet again the screens have changed – woohoo!

New things I like:
– Non-Catalog templates
– Using AME for Requisition Approval

New things I dislike:
– The new homepage isn’t as easy as the 11.5.8 one
– Personalization just gets more complicated every release

Old things they still haven’t fixed:
– Trying to populate the AFF is like trying to pull teeth, that saved list of top combinations is just rubbish, you still have to customise the Account Generator to get the right combination first time or the users are stuffed – it doen’s remember the segments that it was able to generate so they start again from scratch. Marvellous if they happen to work for the finance department and know their full accounting flexfield, pain in the neck if they’re a normal human who has no clue! (End of rant)

2 thoughts on “Eternal Mysteries of iProcurement

  1. Anonymous

    Liked your blog, from like minded people. I enjoyed implementing iProc on 11.5.10 too. Yes personalizations have become more complicated, but only for good !! Finally the “Raw Text” as “Add New Item” works in 11.5.10 Fwk CU2. I used that for embedding HTML in Purchaasing News.

    Anil Passi

  2. Well I just finished my first implementation in iprocurement.Had worked earlier mostly in CRM . I think that the module is really easy to implement and some of the features are very cool.

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