Employees with No Usernames or entry in WF_ROLES

And to list out all the active employees, their usernames and whether they have an entry in WF_ROLES:

select ppf.employee_number, ppf.full_name, fu.user_name, wr.status
from per_people_f ppf,
fnd_user fu,
wf_roles wr
where ppf.person_id =fu.employee_id (+)
and ppf.person_id =wr.orig_system_id (+)
and ppf.current_employee_flag=’Y’

Run this to check everyone in the approval hierarchy is set up correctly if you are having any problems with testing transactions in Approval Manager and get the dreaded…
ORA-20001: The approver identified by the following parameters is invalid: originating system PER originating-system ID PER_ID. Please delete or replace this approver wherever they occur in AME data, including approval groups, list-modification conditions, and substitution actions. This approver does not have an entry in wf_roles. (ORIG_SYSTEM_ID=)

4 thoughts on “Employees with No Usernames or entry in WF_ROLES

  1. Speaking easy…
    The superviser as employee is inactive, the superviser as a user is inactive or the superviser’s user has no active responsibilities assigned.

  2. Ref. note 340058.1
    To implement the solution, please execute the following steps:
    1. Login as the System Administrator responsibility:
    -Navigate: Security -> User -> Define
    -Enter an FND User.
    -Enter the Approver in the Person field.
    2. Run concurrent program ‘Synchronize WF LOCAL tables’ with parameter orig_system = ‘ALL’
    3. Withdraw and Resubmit the Expense Report.

    If the FND user already exists:
    1. Login as the System Administrator responsibility:
    -Navigate: Security -> User -> Define
    -Query the FND User
    -Remove the employee assigned to the FND user, save work and close form
    -Reopen same form, requery FND user and reassign the employee record, save
    2. Withdraw expense report and resubmit

  3. Hi Jo,
    We have a smimilar issue with a few users at a client of ours – do you know if the Synchronize WF request will fix this issue?

  4. too easy

    His Employee code is not created in FND_user table or what i mean to say his erp user id int active or created.

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