Openworld Session Room Change

For those who don’t check the morning OpenWorld newspaper my session tomorrow has changed rooms, it is now on in….

Saloon 12 & 13 at the Marriot

Apparently Diana & I needed an upgrade as we had too many registrations for the other room? How cool is that? And for those who care – yes, I will be talking about actual case studies in the presentation not just the theory 🙂

Have a great day

3 thoughts on “Openworld Session Room Change

  1. Hi

    I am new in oracle apps, i have a big trouble because the user ask me
    to load the master items and locators from a flat file separated by
    “,”, i do not how to do it, do you have any script or tool to perform the
    initial load into the application ?.

    What tables names must are used to do this?.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  2. Hi 🙂
    Yes, we do however we aren’t able to give them away as they were developed for our clients, sorry. Start with the Inventory User Guide and look up the Inventory Items Open Interface – the table you’re trying to load is MTL_SYSTEM_ITEMS. You actually need a Distribution consultant (I’m actually Financials, which is GL and stuff) – you need someone who specialises in inventory, purchasing and order management.
    Good luck with it

  3. sorry – I should clarify, in case you haven’t seen an Oracle interface before – the data will end up in MTL_SYSTEM_ITEMS after the standard Oracle import program has run, that’s not the table you populate. You populate the Open Interface Table (don’t know the name for items, I hate Inventory) – that is the only supported method.

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